Oct 11, 2010


I love this dress! It's Gabby's, from our clothing exchange, and it's a cream coloured knit babydoll type sweater dress, KP just hemmed it with iron-on lazy people's hemming solution, and now it's more tunic-y, since I'll only wear it with leggings. I'm wearing it with jeggings from Smart Set and my black leather boots ($12 Value Village). The necklace is something my parents brought back for me from Fiji, it's wood and stone, and my bracelet is a clear lucite bangle with a yellow and orange feathery thing trapped inside it (Le Chateau). The mustard yellow and brass purse is from Winners.
I also wore this cream knit dress with greyish brown wool tights from Walmart, the same black leather boots, a wooden bangle and KP's black chunky stone necklace and her brown leather Carriage watch.

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