Oct 25, 2010

Backpacks and Poutine

Saturday, right before my birthday party I went backpack shopping with my parents. I'd gone before with my dad and found a great backpack, but I wanted to check out a few more so I knew that without a doubt mine is the most comfortable. So we went to Bushtuhkah, and I found a beauuutiful one, 60 litres was a bit bigger than I wanted, but I can compress it if it isn't filled, which is a smart idea -I'd rather have too much space than not enough. So we bought it (happy birthday to me) and went on home.
The boyfriend offered to have a pre-drink at his apartment before we went to the bar downtown, so that was awesome, he was so well-prepared it was cute. The pre-drink was like the most successful amalgamation of my friends ever, my Orleans boys, my girls (the Family), my roomies, new school friends, and friends that I've met through boyfriend all came and seemed to really get along with each other, I think a few new friendships may have also started. It's an awesome feeling knowing that my friends all approve of each other, and even better knowing that they genuinely like each other.
Then we went to Patty Boland's, it was great, quite the shit show, and I kind of lost everyone when we left. I guess that's just the nature of clubs, but no body really said bye to me, so bf and I went to Zak's diner to wait for everyone, we got a table and only a few friends came by too drunkmunch with us. Then two other friends came, they were both really upset with their boyfriends, and I was asked outside to go have a smoke and listen to them (even though my food had just hit the table). So I went out, lit a cigarette, and within 2 minutes they both left .. so I was kind of stranded outside having a cigarette all alone, after I'd been asked to come out. I should have just pitched it and gone back inside but instead I overreacted and got pretty emotional. It upset me that people left without saying bye to me, it upset me that not many people joined us at the restaurant after, and it upset me that my girls just kind of ditched me for their boyfriends, after I came out, away from my boyfriend, to listen to them.
So obviously I started crying, which is embarrassing, but I just felt like if I had been a better friend to them they would have understood that leaving me out there all alone would have made me upset.
Anyways, it just sucks to feel like you aren't even a consideration in someone's thought process, but we were all inebriated and overly emotional, and I understand that having boy problems can sometimes get the best of you. The pre-drink was amazing, and the bar was pretty decent, and the next day was just terrible (obviously).

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