Oct 13, 2010

Sing Me To Sleep

All I want to do these days is sleep. I'm so tired. The ivory towers are crashing down all around me, eugh my ass is grass - thanks 3rd year. I don't understand how I breezed through first year, and even through second year with just a hint of effort, and a whole lotta bullshit. I guess the difference is this year, if I don't go to class I'm actually missing valuable information. But really, what is value. And what is the point of university? I should have gone to Algonquin, education there is a fucking joke (don't be offended Gonkers, it's true, my professor showed us the teaching mandates for Algonquin professors to instruct their students...hilarious shit, they have no faith in their students haha), whereas here it's like "If we confuse you enough and make up enough big words, you'll think we are wayyyy smarter than you and thus worth the thousands of dollars you are spending at this bullshit institution."
Like yesterday, yesterday I had to go to a speech by Laura Doan, who I'm sure is a smart lady, but who, I'm convinced, is full of shit because she actually said the word "historicity." SPEAK REAL PEOPLE LANGUAGE... god these assholes try soooo hard to outdo each other by using big words (which they claim are useful because they more specifically explain what they are trying to get at) but I doubt that they even know what these words mean half the time.
And the other half of the people who work at my uni are also idiots, they are being paid tons of money to manage my shit, and they can barely do a half-assed job of that without me nagging at them and begging them to get it done 50 million times.
I quite literally have lost count of all the times that I have been penalized and given ridiculous amounts of extra stress because my exchange program lady FUCKS SHIT UP. Bitches.
Anyways, I just keep telling myself that it will all be worth it when I'm waking up to warm weather and beaches every morning (well until I'm in res and then I'll just be waking up to brick walls, but outside those brick walls will be beaches and warm weather!).

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