Dec 22, 2010

Finally on Holiday's!

I finally ripped the monstrous shoulder pads out of my vintage Giorgio Armani blazer ($12 at Value Village .. score!). They weighed like 2lbs each, I'm not kidding, and were bigger than my boobs .. well come to think of it that's not really saying much so nevermind. Anyways, it's much more fabulous now, I'm wearing it with a boring black top and boring blue jeans. Boring boring boring. But you know what's exciting? I just finished all of my exams and take-home exams and handed them in and am FREE. It's sooo awesome not to be stressing about school, now I can focus on getting myself all excited for my big trip .. which is in 12 days let me remind you. And also for Christmas with my man .. more on our xmas festivities in my next post though.
but for now, yess, Australia! Land of the surfers, koalas, beaches, and most deadly animals, snakes and spiders .. ew.

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