Feb 22, 2010

Winter Beach Bunny

I'm reading this gorgeous book, "The Blue Jay's Dance", by Louise Erdrich, and it is about a woman's pregnancy and birth, and it is so amazingly written, just so powerful. My fav. prof assigned it to us for a lit class that I'm in and it's up in my top 20 books now (which is a v. competitive list byyyy the way)... Anyways, it's so beautifully described that it just makes me want to get knocked up and squeeze out a couple of ankle-biters, but then I remember all my pet fishies (and crab, and snail, and frogs) that I've killed and I think the world might be a better place if I just stick with being a cool aunt :)

Anyways, this ensemble isss 1. My new hair do ($150, Charisma), 2. Black cotton sheer tank top with neck .. hole .. detail? ($15 Mexx), 3. Green/grey/brown superlong cardigan, Costa Blanca ($5 Value Village), my Calvin Klein skinnies and these black, rount toe kitten heel buckle shoes that I bought like a million years ago from Walmart and have never actually worn in the real world...
And although you can't see I've accessorized with my silver drop hoops from ... Zellers? Also bought about a million years ago.

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