Feb 3, 2010

Best Friends Won't Ever Leave You

This week I learned the strength of friendship. You truly can go through every different type of shit, and best friends just don't leave your side .. they are better than Jesus for-fucking-SURE! And they also don't hesitate when you need a tequila buddy.

This one goes out to my friends, love you all more than anything

As for the outift, I'm wearing a black zip-turtle-neck thingy (Smart Set), and my CK skinnies (VV). I've paired it with these big silver earrings from le Chateau, my Daddy's Seiko watch, black pointy-toe American Eagle flats and this awesome black and brown vintage leather purse ($6 Value Village). Oh and I've also got my beloved coffee-cup that I attacked with butterfly stickers a couple years ago :)

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