Dec 14, 2009

Grandpa goes Punk

I'm wearing a blue patterned Suzy Shier t-shirt underneath a white and navy blue striped cardigan ($4 Value Village).
To add a bit of punk I threw on my great black studded belt from Smart Set and really comfy stretchy grey jeans ($6 Value Village)
I'm wearing my favorite pair of shoes ever! Purple/brown metallic pointy toe stilletto's that are low enough to walk around all day in.
I've got on my faux-snakeskin bag ($40 Winners --> broke after about 5 uses so it's duct-taped on the handle!)
And of course my daddy's watch and some silver bangles for a hint of music when you walk around :)

(Excuse my face, I'm sick and haven't got make-up on ... yikes)

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