Dec 13, 2009

Martini Kiss

I friggin love this outfit!

There's something so sexy about wearing your man's shirt
(even though mine isn't my man's ... it was $3 from the little boy's section at Walmart)

I threw it on with some orange beaded bracelets and silver bangles,
my gold pendant necklace,
huge sunnies,
leopard print clutch,
the fav Gap jeans and
AMAZING black canvas and cork peep-toe wedges from Payless (I think they were only $20)

Fitted jeans are so sophisticated when paired with a "I just rolled out of bed and don't give a shit because I already know I'm damn sexy" oversized blouse.

And in certain cases I just adore extravagant jewelry. Some may call it overkill but I think it can be very fabulous when it's the right pieces (and of course when it's done with just a whisper of irony)

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