Dec 13, 2009


This outfit makes me feel so great!
I'm wearing a little black and white plaid, cowl-neck tank top underneath my favourite grey, slim fitted cardi (Smart Set) with the huge black studded belt and my favourite dark-wash Gap jeans.
I think I look great and it's so nice to have an easy go-to outfit for those days when you really feel like crap.
I wear this one to work all the time, sometimes just switching the tank top or belt and adding accessories.
Again it's a super flattering outfit because the cowl-neck draws attention to my amazing junk (hey I get to brag .. I've only got them up here for another 10 years, tops!) and most importantly your face :)
While the cardi keeps your warm and covered (office-appropriate is key) and the belt adds some fun with the studs and emphasizes a small waist!

1 comment:

  1. You are truly beautiful. This is my favorite picture, because I can see your face silly. In most of your photo's there's no smile to enjoy :(, no eyes to match the jeans. Cool website but if your the face of the blog then you should show it more, you ought to, it compliments the outfits.