Dec 16, 2009

Our house in the middle of the street

So I'm in the midst of failing exams. And I just received a little message from a very dear friend that made my day. It was just something so unexpected and made me tear up a little. I am always in shock of how nice this girlie is, and how she manages to do SO MUCH good in the world, and still have time to think of people and remind them they are special.I just want to thank her, and all of my friends for being so amazing, and for always doing the most amazing things, cheering me up when I need it, spending time with me, listening to my silly rants, and obvi reading my blog (haha). Hopefully I can learn from my friends, and I know I'd be a better person if I were even half as kind as they all are to me. Love you all

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  1. You are not FAILING - you just are not being as succesful as you'd like! You are as wonderful as N***h told you. Believe it!