Jan 23, 2012


I got my tonsils out them little bastards! But to be honest, if I could go back I'd rather have tonsilitis ten times over than go through that operation again .. My god it was horrible.
And I could ramble for days about my horrible percocet dreams .. everything was monsters and snakes and giant sandwiches filled with worms. Nasty!
Anywhoo, I have soo soo many pretty things I will post pictures soon.
New dresses and tops and blouses, and bra's and perfumes! And a $30 dollar candle .. But it smells like Buddha's farts so it's heavenly :) Noms.
 Grey silk Jacob skirt, CK tights, black ruffled button down blouse from Costa Blanca a million years ago, wooden globe ring, gold collar necklace from Value.
Favourite white cotton sweater from Value - feels like a beach sweater, and god damn I'm missing beaches right now. This time last year I was backpacking my way up the coast of Australia.
Ugh how I miss it!

Also another couple of days of school, not unhappy about it, cuz I feel constantly drunk and my head is buzzing nonstop, and I still can barely speak, but missing works sucks, I'm already broke and have a retail problem so .. bad equation.
Oh, and speaking of school, I dropped an awful grad class, so now I'm behind. It sucks and I'm embarassed but I'll kill an easy class over summer school, be done by July and graduate at a ceremony in November. No big deal, except it's a waste of $500. Oops.

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