Dec 14, 2011

Boys Like You

Boys Like You - 360 ft. Gossling

Watch this vid :) It's my new favourite song. Reminds me of boyfriend, just how the guy laughs at the end. Cute. Anyways it's a good tune.
And I have decided to eschew the high-waisted belts of the current fashion, and go for big low-slung belts that make my hips look huge. But whatever #swag.
Grey knit stockings, black button down shirtdress (Jacob), belt stolen from KP's closet, yellow enamel cuff (also KP's), wooden earrings (found them somewhere in the Byward Market many years ago)

Exams are killing me, I've got 1 down, 2 to go, then BOYFRIEND. I can't wait, I know I've mangled this blog by talking non-stop about how much I miss him, but I figure it's better than rambling on and on about it in person to all my biddies and fam, although I'm sure I do that too. Anyways. FOUR. DAYS. I'm dyinggggg :) Excited.

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