Aug 4, 2010

Rock n Roll was About Love

I'm turning into my dad. But no seriously, I'm going through my "Eighties Rock" playlist and it really made me think about how rock has changed. It used to be about love, like true love, finding love, making love, losing love, it was so real. I think sometimes we forget about love, we don't appreciate or value it, it downplay love, we forget how dependence upon another person can be a good thing, and we are so proud of ourselves for being independent, professional and successful. I wrote in my diary when I was 14 years old that my ideal future would be to be living, dirt poor, in the country, madly in love with someone, growing my own vegetables and travelling. Was that naive childish innocence, or have I become so caught up in everything else that I've forgotten the power of the thing that was so important to me, that I tattooed the word on my body.

Anyways, I know one thing, I do love clothes :) This is a pink floral, racerback/sippered tank top ($35 Urban Outfitters), Gap jeans (Value Village), beige wedge sandals ($20 Target), pink studded fringe purse ($12 H&M) and turquoise and gold bracelet ($5 Urban Outfitters).

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