Aug 18, 2010

Tears For Fears

Still on an 80's music kick. Last weekend Boy and I had my friend Gabby and her boyfriend Kris over for a pre-drink before we went to a pool hall for Dave's birthday. It was so much fun and it turns out our boys are madly in bro-love for eachother, it's cute they got along so well.
More news, just found out that my office is closing until the middle or end of September .. making me unemployed for more than me and my bank account are comfortable with. Eff, it sucks especially because I'll really have to crack down and make sure I don't dip into my savings account, but the girls and I were planning our annual, summer Montreal shopping trip for right before school. I may not be able to go, which will suck, because it's like a family vacation <3.
Shoes: Beige platform sandals ($20 Target), Paris Blues skinny jeans ($8 Value Village), green tank top (Dynamite), camel crochet sweater ($6 Value Village), Gabby's fabulous vintage belt (that she'll have to pry out of my cold dead hands to get back :P)

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