Jul 21, 2010

Enchilada Fail

So last night Becky came over after work and we were going to make enchiladas and have caesar's. The enchiladas turned out horribly, thanks google ... you give terrible recipes! And then we were feeling too sick to drink filling caesars.
It was a huge fail.
I've been super anti-social lately too, idk, why. I guess after the boy and I broke up I went through this 4 month phase of extreme partying, like it was my damn job. I went out every night and on the off chance I wasn't going clubbing or to a bar I was surrounded by friends on some sort of adventure or fun evening.
Now I'm just alone all the time, which is my fault because I've been really avoiding people, but it sucks, I need to recharge my happy batteries, idk how they died so suddenly!
But this weekend will be fun, I'm going to New York with KP, with Daddy's cards ;P to go shopping! It's going to be so fun, and maybe when I get back I will get back into the groove of being a normal human being again.
Let us hope!!!

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