Jul 21, 2010

Find Your Love

I guess I just miss it.

My head looked really gross in this so I had to crop it out. Anyways, I found this huuuuge floor length beauty at Value Village yesterday while I was supposed to be getting a bottle of wine for my parents (it was their 25th anniversary! They were married in 1985, my mom was born in 1966 you do the math, and they STILL are so in love, it's so adorable yet depressingly unrealistic) Anyways, congrats mom and dad! I love you and your relationship is incredibly inspiring, I hope to have what you do some day <3

Back to the dress, it was this huge thing but I loved the print and I loved the button details down the bodice and the frilly neckline. So KP chopped like 18 inches off for me and hemmed it, and now it's fabulous.

Floral dress ($10.99 Value Village), belt ($2 Icing), beige canvas wedges (Old Navy). No accessories, the dress speaks for itself :)

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