Jul 25, 2010

New York Trip 2010!

So KP and I left bright n early Friday morning and drove to Kingston, to hit up Urban Outfitters and American Apparel (worst service ever). Then after an hour or so shopping we drove down to New York. The border took about half an hour to cross, and then we finally got into the Blessed Land of the so-called "Free", where one can get married, procreate, drive a motor vehicle, engage in friendly confrontations with firearms and join the military at very young ages, yet can't have a goddamn ceasar with dinner until they are 21. Eugh that country is right fucked. Anyways it's lovely in many other ways.
So we spent our first day shopping at this huge outdoor outlet mall, where I had no luck but KP found some good things such as white jeans that she's been searching for for everrr. Then we drove to our hotel which was soo gross, it had clearly just been converted from smoking to non-smoking hours before we arrived, and the hallway nearest our room smelled like dead carcass, legit we RACED our asses up and down that hallway with out breath held. Then we went to dinner at Uno, where the food was alright, cheap and quick, but I was denied a damn drink after they id'd me. I was with my mother .. they shouldn't have even id'd me at all! Bastards .. stoopid country.
Then we went to Target, it was nice, then grabbed a bottle of wine and drank it in bed.
In the morning we had a continental "breakfast" at the hotel, not only was it revolting but the people were hilarious, they were all crowded around the food, elbows up just charging along butting in front of others to get to this slop. And while it was disgusting at least we had a good laugh watching them all, crazy 'mericans.
Then, after a quick emergency stop at Starbuck's, the real shopping began at Eastview Mall.

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