Jul 14, 2010

Body in a Box

On Monday Dara and I went to a City & Colour concert in the Byward, it was free, and although I've heard Dallas Green is a douchebag, it was so awesome. We just jammed out in the pouring rain and listened to beautiful music.
Being in the music scene, even if it is super mainstream, and getting down and dirty with my paints has made me so nostalgic for the past. I cleaned out the box under my bed (yeah it was as horrifying as it sounds) and found my high school LSC warm fuzzies. They were so great to read, it made me miss the past and the person I was back then.
Sometimes I feel like I'm growing backwards instead of forwards, and everything is just spinning so fast I have no idea which way to spin, so I end up either standing still or spinning the wrong way.
Anyways, it's super hot again out, so, even though it's been almost 8 days since I shaved my legs, (reasons why I'm single?) I've got to wear shorts! Blah.

So black city shorts (Suzy Sheir if I remember correctly), white babydoll lace tank (Winners, Seiko watch, hammered silver earrings (Byward market), and my Grandma's gold dog tag (which might be politically incorrect to wear but whatever, I miss her so much).
I think my bra is super obvious under the lacey part of this top but I can't be bothered layering a tank top under it .. too sweaty. Would cause, as Gabriella and Dara would say, "mountain dew".
Also Stone Mountain leather bag (Winners) and black Jesus t-strap sandals (Spring).

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