Jun 29, 2012

American Reunion

I finished Uni!!! Today is only Day 2 as a graduate and I have noooo idea what to do with myself! It's so strange watching movies and reading books without feeling guilty because I'm not studying. Even last summer when I came home from Australia I had tons of reading and research to do for my thesis!
This weekend is also my handsome sailor's birthday. Twenty-six! Old man!! And he has to work overnight until the morning of his bday :( So sad.
Well babe if you're reading this HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you and I'm so proud of you <3 Can't wait to see you ... God I can't believe it's only three months until I'm back in Aus. I can't wait, it has been toooo long, never again. But I'm so excited to get the fuck out of O-Town, be on my own again. And be with him. Two months together :) Finally. I can't wait, we are doing a camping roadtrip up the coast for a month! Then normal life back in Sydney. Can't wait. But I'm not looking forwards to that flight :S
This weekend is also Canada Day! I think my outfit will either be a red halter dress, or full on Canadian tuxedo with the possibility of cowboy boots if it isn't too hot, otherwise thongs. Orrrr possibly just shorts and plaid. Either way I will look supremely Canadian.
 Skull top from Kensington
 Skull necklace from Kensington
 Salvador Dali skull top from Kensington
And my newest Michael Kors bag. Ugh I love this baby she's perfect for summer!

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