Mar 9, 2010

Just the writings on the wall

Okay so it's OFFICIALLY almost summer .. Know how I know? Because my girls and I have already begun planning parties, camping, cottaging, road trips and shopping trips .. oh yeah, we've got a list of dates to book off work already!
So in this "almost summer" outfit I'm wearing my brown $10 clogs from NYC, light Gap jeans, grey tank top underneath a white, ruched v-neck tank top ($25 H&M), I've accessorized with a cream cotton jacket ($4 Value Village), white studded bag ($6 Value Village), and wooden hoop earrings ($6 Ardene). Oh and I'm also wearing the GREATEST leather men's belt that I got from Value Village .. it's 100% real leather, made in Canada AND smells like a stable .. pretty much my fav. things :)

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