Mar 3, 2010

Ladies is pimps too, go on brush ya shoulder's off

This outfit consists of beige tweed Aldo studded flats, CK skinnies, a white Garage tank top underneath a blue and white striped oxford shirt ($3 Value Village), with a vintage leather belt (KP's closet), gold rose necklace ($5 Smart Set) and gold tear-drop earrings.
And obviously my Guess bag .. and really rad sunglasses because now that it's SPRING I can officially wear them without looking sad and pathetic.
Oh .. one more bit of news, last night I learned to drive my automatic car .. as a stick shift ... it has little paddle thingies and you can put it into Standard .. rad!!!

Top 5 songs today:
Lighting up my lalala - Lil Wayne
Kush - Lil Wayne
Players Anthem - Biggie Smalls
Ice - Lights
I'm back - Drake

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