Aug 2, 2011

Enter the Ninja

Orange Aztec floral print pleated skirt ($10 Costa Blanca), navy blue 3/4 length sleeve sweater (Gap).
White maxi dress (Dotti - free from Kat), studded belt (Dynamite $20).
Grey costa Blanca tank, brown pinstriped bermuda shorts, studded cuff bracelet, mauve chiffon braided chain necklace (Lovisa).
Flowers from Boyfriend. Awhh.
Watching a doco "Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" such a crazy, hypersexual, misogynistic culture. Quite interesting though, they seem super traditional and chaste, but the girls dress/dance and appear sooooo trashy, and the men are quite violent towards the women. There's also virtually no education in the communities, especially not for girls.
In other news SHARK WEEK is so soon.

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