Apr 28, 2010

Freak Flag

The black and hippy protests going on during this period overlapped (time-wise), but most hippies were still intent on peaceful protest. On October 21 and 22, 1967, 35,000 anti-war protesters stormed the Pentagon. They were greeted with tear gas. Eventually all the demonstrators sat down in front of the Pentagon and the assembled troops (MPs). The standoff continued while the protesters held teach-ins, sang songs, chanted and listened to speeches. Many demonstrators went up to the MPs and talked to them about peace and love. A famous photo shows a young man placing a flower in the rifle muzzle of a guardsman. As day became night, some of the troops were won over. The protest was so peaceful at this point, no one felt threatened. People started fires to keep warm, and a community was forming.

Around midnight, paratroopers relieved the MPs and they started to clear out the demonstrators with force. 647 protesters were arrested, often after being severely beaten by the paratroopers and U.S. Marshals. In response, later that same week, draft deferments were eliminated for those who violated draft laws or interfered with recruitment, two common tactics of the protesters.

So this is most likely going to be my next (or one of the next) tattoo's I get. It will just be the gun, and a hand placing a flower in it. Beautiful :) Power of nature, peace and love against the man :)
Let your freak flag fly

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  1. shoutouts to hippy.com for the info on the photo!