May 31, 2010

Summer Nomad

The past two weeks I've been living slightly nomadic(ly?) out of my purse and such, between some friends houses. They are lovely and kind and I am lucky to have them, and also they are like, the coolest people ever, which makes me so happy that I have them.
Work is an hour away from my parents home, or a 15 minute walk/train ride away from my roomies house, so it makes more sense to stay there. Also they don't tell me when to be home, haha, they just leave the door open so I can sneak in and hop into be whenever. It's lovely.
Anyways, here's to some of the best days of my summer, thanks to G-Breezy and Dizzle-G, (yo let's take this bong out for a yog).
Love you girlies, and I wish I could stay over more often but I'm getting worn down bussing all over the city for home, food, shower, new clothes, work and hangouts. <3

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