Jun 17, 2010


Got the new ink! My mother almost talked me out of it, but then when I was discussing it with the girl who was going to tattoo me she helped me realize that even though getting it on my wrist is way more of commitment because it's more obvious and harder to hide, it is the spot I really wanted it, and I'd always regret getting it in a lame spot like on my foot or my back instead of where I had envisioned it.
Although I felt bad, what should have been a 5 minute tattoo took about half an hour because I kept making her re-size it, make it smaller, simpler, cleaner and "Daintier". What I ended up with is about half the size that it originally was, and also just a simple outline rather than a fully solid "stamp" type tattoo.
So in conclusion I love it, I think it's adorable, and I have this thing about tattoos becoming sort of like scars. I would never get any of my scars removed or covered up, because they remind me of a certain time and place in my past, and they mark me. Everyone goes through life and acquires more scars, and I think the same is true for tattoos. Even if I look ridiculous when I'm 50 and have an anchor on my wrist, I'll remember when I got it, and how much I loved it and how amazing it looked.
And frankly, our generation is so damn tatted up that we'll all be playing "guess what this tattoo used to be" in the old age homes.

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