Jul 11, 2011

Oh yea, cottage yea!

Carleton is still driving me nuts. I left on a bad note and came back to an empty inbox, meaning the 10 people I emailed have failed to email me back. Thanks a lot.
This weekend was so amazing. S and I drove up after work on Friday, drove through a massive storm and stopped a couple times for fags and coffee and food and a dead dog that was actually a plastic bag. Arrived at the cottage with M and B and the four of us stayed up all ight eating junk food, drinking and gossiping. Then we woke up at the ass crack of dawn, began drinking, spent the day sunbathing and swimming in the lake, and then SF and H came up! That's when the true partying began, and we all got serious with the drinking, made lunch and dinner, and invited the neighbour boys on a high school reunion over for a bonfire and to get their asses whooped at flip cup. It was a lovely night, the boys brought a ton of beer and fireworks and were quite entertaining. Then we all jumped off the dock at about 1am, and swam around in the dark trying not to die or jump ontop of each other. After that H and I were pretty tired and I had a stomach ache so we went inside to chill out, and my stomach pains got so bad I spent the rest of the night being sick. Right onto Hil's lap. Poor girl. Ah the tribulations of true friendship. The girls tag teamed me and hung out on the bathroom floor with me all night, then B gave me a Zantac which was a lifesaver and I passed out. The next morning we were all pretty hungover, so H and I woke up and cleaned up the huge mess outside, then she left to catch a flight to BC (safe travels babydoll!) The rest of the day was spent lying out in the sun, and then we all brought lawn chairs down to the dock and had snacks and lay there all day, swimming occasionally and yelling german greetings to fellow boaters.
After a massive cleanup we drove back home around dinner time, and for me it's been laundry, laundry, laundry ever since.
Lovely weekend with my besties since high school. I can't even express the amount of love I have for you biddie-hoes <3

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