Jul 19, 2011

Red Sky at Night

Nom nom nom, one week into Paleo diet and it's going well, it's weird because I'm eating more calories and waaaay more fat, but very few carbs and mostly they are from fruit. But my skin, hair and nails have improved and I'm feeling really energetic. But I've also been hanging out in the sun every other morning so I'm trying to be sun smart but tots have gotten my white girl tan on :)
Hmm, in other news, was at Bluesfest watching Lupe Fiasco, and afterwards watched Cheap Trick almost get smushed by the collapsing stage. It was cool but gave me Aussie cyclone flashbacks.
Boyfriend is sickie, poor thing, wish I could be with him right now, it's so stressful knowing there's nothing I can do to make him feel better. Long-distance is lonely, long-distance with a sailor is lonely and stressful, I'm always worrying.
Anyways, this outfit is my green silky button down ($90ish, Sportsgirl), cut off boyfriend jean shorts ($12 Joe Fresh), ombre fringe earrings, and mauve shooties (Aldo).

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