Jan 4, 2011

Get Ready

I'm tripping balls. Like SO nervous. I can't wait to get on that damn plane and have the crappy flight over with and be in Australia. But I'm also freaking out and want to stay in my bed under the covers forever. I hope I can bring my sandwich through customs :) It will be the last thing my mom makes me for a long ass time.
So last night after H and S left (we watched an awesome comic book movie called Kick-Ass) and I went in to my parents bedroom to try and wake up my mom and get her to hang out with me. She just rolled over, so I went to get my puppy to try and convince her to come sleep with my for my last night at home and she just snored at me. I guess it's a loneliness pre-view :(
God I can't believe I am actually flying away in 9 hours. The girls commented that I have left my room totally the same and am not taking many personal things. It's weird because my room is full of my stuff, like not just normally, but I have boxes in storage in the basement of old decorations, pictures, books and knick-knacks that don't "go" with my new wall colour .. (I repaint often). But as of right now the only personal items I brought for sentimentality and decoration is a stack of photographs of my friends and family. It's weird, part of me wants to clear out some space in my suitcase so I can bring my Tibetan prayer flags, my paintings, some incense and candles, and like 50 more books. Oh and movies, I have like 5 movies that I watch compulsively and also every season of Sex and The City, which I also watch all the time. Oh well, I guess it's time for me to learn how to live without a ton of my own shit.
Anyways, I can't beleive I slept so little, I hope I am tired enough to sleep on the plane from TO to the 'Couv, and then will pop some gravol on the way to Sydney .. hopefully that knocks me out for a good 14 hours or so.
AHHHH okay, I need to stop babbling now. And whoever reads this, someone needs to take care of KP for me.
I will miss painting my puppy's nails so much. She loves her paw-dicures, and we usually do matching nails. Awhh my poochie, I'm going to freak out without her.


  1. I can't believe you tried to wake me and I just rolled over! I was awake ALL NIGHT - haven't slept in 2 days with all the last minute things I need to tell you. But mostly tell you I love you and miss you already but am SO EXCITED for this awesome adventure you are embarking on. Skype is on and ready, whenever you get the chance to call. PS the sandwich will be yummy tomorrow, hope you bought something good in TO since you left my sandwich in the FRIDGE!

  2. Uhm madam YOU left MY sandwich in the fridge. It is still all I want to eat right now. Once I get to res I will eat sandwhiches morning noon and night. Yum.