Jan 29, 2011

Dingoes, vodka cran and British boys

So today is my last day in Airlie Beach, 8pm tonight L and I greyhound ANOTHER 12 hours(a relatively short ride for us now) up north to Cairns. But I'll start at the beginning.
After leaving love and our amazing new friends (specifically M, P and J, our lovely roomies) in Byron Bay, L and I travelled up to Noosa where we spent two nights in a huge 16 share mixed dorm, Noosa itself was alright, we arrived in the morning, got dropped off the greyhound, strapped on our huge backpacks and hiked 15 minutes up the biggest hill known to man, to get to our hostel. While we were there we met our roommates, and just fell in love with our British boys (S included because she took it like a champ) A, A and C. They were just hilarious, now there isn't much to do in Noosa, especially after the hostel bar closes at half midnight, so we ended up walking to the beach in the middle of the night, smoking and drinking and having a ball, just acting like we owned the town. We splashed around in the water a bit and pretended we were being attacked by sharks, it was such a laugh.
After we left Noosa, L and I went to Hervey Bay to spend one night prepping for our Fraser Island camping trip. Hervey was lame and everything was crazy expensive and there was just nothing to do. So we met our Fraser Island team, figured out who'd be driving the huge 4wd trucks, and did some groceries.
The next morning we left for Fraser at 7am! So early for our lazy asses. Fraser was just incredible, I'll have to upload photos of it later but they don't do it any justice. We drove around like madmen on beaches and through huge sand dune trails (literally) almost killing ourselves a few times (and that's no joke, this shit was dangerous, I won't be suprised if these tours stop running quiiiite soon due to the amount of casualties caused by them). Day one we walked about 20 minutes through this crazy forest growing on a sand island (weird but amazing) and saw Lake Mackenzie. Now Lake Mackenzie has got to be hands down THE most incredible sight I have ever seen. Crystal clear water, warm, freshwater, bright blue, powder fine white sand. Amazing. If I die on this continent I want my ashes scattered along Lake Mackenzie. After that we did a 40 minute uphill hike through burning hot sand dunes (in bikinis and flip flops) to see Lake Wabby, another beautiful lake that was warm and wonderful, then the hike back (I don't know how) was ANOTHER 40 minutes ... UPHILL again!!! Worth it though.
The rest of Frazer Island was also gorgeous and scenic and amazing, such as the huge T.S. Maheno ship wreck that we got to see, and a few other lakes such as this one lake that was full of tea tree oil (made my hair so soft). The evenings were full of dingoes, walks along the beach to see the stars, excessive drinking with the locals and playing Never Have I Ever and Fucked By The Bus.
Our team of 7 (The Eh Team) became family to us, as have our many groups of roommates, and we miss them tons, our British boys on this trip, T and J became brothers to us and we were inseparable, then today the most amazing thing happened (in Airlie) T and J, and A, A and C all showed up in Airlie at our hostel. We were ecstatic, missed those hilarious bastards like crazy, especially in this boring town.
The point of being in Airlie beach was to do a sailing tour among the Whitsunday's, but there are huge cyclones so we had the trip cancelled and are leaving for Cairns tonight. So that's the story of Airlie Beach, lame as hell, but awesome in our last few hours due to our British boys amalgamating and showing up here. Oh god we love them, all we do is howl with laughter, they are just so hilarious and all so sweet.
Also, a word to everyone at home, I have been fb hacked :( So I can't go on, and sadly I am ashamed to say how much I miss it and how much it sucks to not be able to upload all my photos and stuff. So to anyone who might be reading this, I have tons of pictures that I want to show you to make you jealous, and I miss you all.
As for emotionally, I'm doing pretty well, actually very well since a certain ex-boyfriend decided to go batshit crazy on me, all it made me do is feel sorry for him and for how embarassed he must be, and I just see him for the pathetic loser peice of shit child that he is ... It sucks that I wasted 8 months on him, but I guess you don't really know someone until you break up with them. I'm pretty proud of my reactions though, although I can't say I have been the nicest, the worst thing I have done in reaction is write on my blog, just now, that he's an idiot. I'm pretty proud of myself :) And the boys in this country are way cuter, smarter, nicer anf funnier anyways so I have no complaints :)
One last thing ... Thailand this summer :)

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