Jan 2, 2011

The Long and Winding Road

Christmas was wonderful, New Years was great (but quite messy) and now I'm leaving. Tomorrow is my last full day in Ottawa, so today I figured I should pack all my shit and weigh my suitcases to make sure I'm under the limit. I'm actually quite proud of how light I'm packing. Except for my backpack, but the heaviest things in there are 4 bottles of sunscreen and my sleeping bag, which are both so very necessary. I'm in such an odd state, I don't know what to feel, I'm sad that I'm leaving but I'm excited to go, but not really that excited. Actually not excited at all. I don't think it will hit me until I wake up on the 4th and know I'm flying away from my whole entire life and everything I know.
I'm kind of winging it when I get to Australia, I'm flying alone, and I know that I suck at flying, I don't hate it but after a couple hours I get restless, then frustrated and then I get a migraine which eventually turns into a break down. I guess it will be interesting seeing how I cope with a claustrophobic melt down on an airplane, when I am all alone and have no one to complain to or cry on. But then I fly into Sydney in the afternoon, and am going to have to find my way to my hotel, where L and I will meet at some point during the day. Then we have to remember to go start up Aussie bank accounts, get Aussie cell phones (which I have actually already bought but will need to pick up) and also probably get groceries. Thank god we have a mini kitchen in our hotel room, so we'll save money not having to eat out at every meal. I'm guessing that I will spend 6 weeks carb-loading .. cereal, pasta and Mr. Noodles .. mostly because those are the only things I know how to cook, and for the most part I won't have a fridge.
Since L and I have no plans for 6 weeks (except for a couple cities that we want to visit, and activities we want to do such as learning to surf) we are totally just winging it. We have our hotel for 5 nights, which we will be sharing for a few nights with my old friend J from Manitoba. After we get kicked out of the hotel we are on the road with nothing but our backpacks! I want to hit Byron Bay, Surfer's Paradise, the Gold Coast, obviously the famous Great Barrier Reef, and I want to do a sailing trip in the Whitsunday's. L and I have been looking into doing holiday accommodations, so renting a house or apartment for a few weeks instead of hostelling, but it seems to be pretty difficult to find anywhere legit to stay, so I think I'm going to bank on hostels (and it will be way easier to meet people and party every night anyways) and then if we can save some cash and stay in a home or apartment for a week or two in between that would be wonderful too.
Anyways this outfit is what I'm planning to wear while wandering the streets of Sydney, green floral American Eagle dress (clothing swap), Minnetonka Moccasins ($75 Joneve), brown studded belt ($2 Ardene), green tye dye bag ($20 Old Navy).

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