Jan 11, 2011

When the Levee Breaks

So I made it to Australia in one piece (sort of). After arriving in Sydney and making it to our hotel in Kings Cross, I got sick. Like, very sick. A raging case of tonsillitis that kept me in the hospital for 3 days. And it sucked. It sucks to throw up alone, gagging and choking on your own stomach acid without even someone there to hold your hair, or tell you to go back to bed, or even just be sympathetic with you. It really sucks, and then being in the hospital was also terrible, I was lonely and surrounded by gross, weird, sick people, the food was absolutely vile and the only nice thing I have to say is that I had a sexy man servant of a nurse who snuck me a sandwich, and gave me morphine which was also lovely. But yeah, that was my first time every staying in a hospital overnight, alone, with tubes and needles stuck in me and that stupid annoying IV that dragged behind me every time I got up to go to the bathroom. I even got stuck on it in the middle of the night when I tried to change my shirt and it must have taken me like 15 minutes of crying to untangle my old shirt, new shirt, and bra with the tubes and everything. So annoying.
So my parents friends L&G have kindly taken in L and I, to stay here for a few nights, but they live very far from the city and it's inconvenient and we don't want to overstay our welcomes so we are leaving tomorrow for a hotel with a/c that I can recuperate at.
But I still feel like absolute shit, I have absolutely no energy, I think 3 days of severe dehydration and bed-rest zapped me of everything I had, and the penicillin tablets they have given me make my mouth taste like I'm chewing on salt, it is absolutely disgusting and makes me so thirsty I can't stand it. So as much as I'm trying to be perky and optimistic I'm kind of still having a miserable time and I am wondering why I just spent my life savings flying to the other side of the world when all I have seen so far are some emergency rooms and one beach. It's not that I'm even homesick or desperately missing anyone, I mean I am but not to the point that I want to go home. I just feel like maybe I thought I was a certain type of adventurous person when really I'm just a homebody. L keeps talking about how excited she is for our real backpacking to begin, and as I nod my head along with her, I'm really just thinking that it's going to be noisy and hot and full of drunk teenagers. Oh another lovely part of being on antibiotics, no drinking for 10 days :S Lame.
So right now I guess I'm just questioning my decision to make this trip, because it's a whole lot less fun than I had expected and it really sucks not even being able to walk around for 2 hours without feeling exhausted and salty. Boo.
I miss my parents and my doggy though. If I could just snuggle up with my pup for one more night I'd probably be in a lot better mood than I am these days. I guess it also doesn't help that since I've been here I haven't slept a whole night through.


  1. It sucks - sugar balls! But you are on the way to good health. Just take it slow, don't over do it and you will feel like your old self in no time and see the fun in the biggest adventure of your life (so far). Love you love you love you.

  2. itll get better babygirl!! dont worry!! like yo mama said, dont over do it and just take it easy. your gonna have fun very soon as soon as your feeling better and you can partake in the drinking activities once again. you had a shitty start but it coulda been worse, you coulda gotten all gross when ur backpacking in the middle of nowhere!
    loveyouloveyouloveyouTIMESAMILLIONNNN!! miss you muchly