Feb 25, 2011

Pet Sounds

I forgot to mention in my last post that a few days ago, (being in res means I have no sense of time at all), I did a scavvy hunt in the city with some o-week homies! It was really fun, we got to see a whole bunch of interesting spots downtown. I wish I'd kept the list of things we had to get, but some of the highlights were making a human pyramid on a moving train, seeing the Shrine of Memorial, watching C and S get at it in a burger-eating competition, and seeing some team members dive into a public fountain in front of the art gallery. It was a cool way to see the city, and I'm hoping to go downtown some time next week, since I only have 3 days of school a week, and one of those days ends at 1pm.
Also I've applied for several jobs, cleaning, tutoring, and advertising, only two have contacted me back and they don't look very hopeful, although they would both be cool jobs, and the one that I have an interview with is to be a cleaning lady for the building down the road. Ugh gross. But you do what you do and I need moneys for Thailand, and I'm telling myself that it builds character.
In other news, this weekend will be so fun! M is coming down from Sydney to visit, and we have a whole weekend of fun shit planned, including dinner and a play, and the red bull air plane races, or whatever that competition thingy is. Either way it will be so nice to see a friendly face and spend some time away from res. Then the weekend after next W, E and I are going up to Sydney. Bondi, mama's comin back!!!!

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  1. there is no way this aussie scavvy hunt was anywhere near as cool as car rally.