Mar 1, 2011

Youth of the Nation

So during o-week (no not that kind of o, it wasn't that good ... o-rientation) I joined the Waterski and Wakeboarding club. For $15 they carpooled a whole bunch of us an hour and a half away, to this pond, and taught us one by one how to waterski or wakeboard. I obviously opted for wakeboarding, because it looks so much more badass, and I figure any experience standing on water can't hurt my surfing ... skills?
It was such a riot, and the guy driving the boat and his buddy coaching the boarders were so patient and also hilarious, and let us blast music on the boat. I'm not saying I was any good, but by god I actually got up a couple times, which was more than I was expecting, so I was extra proud of myself. Now W was another story, she just popped up and started carving away, had no trouble getting out of the wake, and looked like such a natural! I was so jealous of her! At least I wasn't the only one to eat a facefull of water though, I think almost everyone did during their falls.
Other than that, yesterday was the first day of classes, mine are pretty interesting so far. Today I just have 2 hours worth of tutorials, so I'll be done by 1pm which s great because I. will. do. laundry. For real today ... Otherwise my laundry bag will be so heavy I won't be able to carry it!
Ugh, in other news I have the worst sore/dry throat. It sucks, especially since the rad in my room makes a lot of dry heat, but I can't turn it down because I'll freeze, and I can't throw a wet towel over it, because I only have one towel and I need it for showers!
Also went shopping with F, K and Guru B. F is fabulous, cynical, sweet and sassy, she is also my RSA, I just adore her, she makes me laugh so hard and is now my sugarmama because she gave me a bunch of old clothes, a doona and just generally pours tea down my throat all day, which I won't complain about. K is also a total sweetheart, who unknowingly brings giant Huntsman spiders back from trips and then laughs when I freak out in the car because one of them has shown itself and is crawling on me.
And Guru B is another story all together. He is this crazy old ex-hippie-druggie-celebrity-theatre-beacon of light and knowledge-general book of wisdom-world traveller. Anyways all these amazing people live in my Hall in residence, and we spend hours outside in the courtyard just talking, laughing and having a great time shooting the proverbial shit. I'd say we are an unlikely group, but the best ones always are aren't they.

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