Mar 27, 2011

Get the fuck up, get, get the fuck up

Spent the weekend in Deniliquin at Wake boarding camp with Monash an Swinburn people. We left Friday at 6pm and had the wildest bus ride up there ever, unfortunately I slept through it with the worst migraine and nausea ever, but there was a whole lot of drinking, loud music, strobe lights, push ups, and nudity during the ride. We got there around 1:30am and had to set up out tents in total darkness. After a freezing cold sleepless night, we got up to the sound of that "get the fuck up" rap song blaring through our campsite. Brekkie was eggs in toast on the barbie, then began the wake boarding, sunbathing, and excessive drinking. The first day I tried wake boarding on this pole sticking out of the side of the boat, and it was impossible, every time I stood up I ate shit and face planted right back down. It was pretty discouraging, half-drowning all day while watching other people literally do backflips and crazy jumps during their go's. But it was still fun to be dragged behind the boat, and then I spent a while in the boat just watching others wake boarding and cruising down the river. It was such a fun day.
Later that evening we began drinking the super potent punch and beer that the club supplied, and then we dressed in our neon best (with yellow paint penises), and hit up the town of Deni for drinks at a bar and awesome chicken parm dinner. The night involved 5 meese and an awkward moose, a giant bonfire and more drinks, a stolen lawn gnome, a spanking stick and a bumpy cab ride.
Next morning we awoke to the rude song again and I was pretty discouraged about wake boarding again since I was so crap the day before, but T took me out and let me have a go on the bar and told me to straighten my front leg, after that I got up every single time and actually rode behind the boat for a decent time until I decided to let go and save my poor knee. It was so much fun and such a sense of accomplishment, like a BOSS! Anyways, the ride home was also wonderful, with Maccas and awful awful music. Such an awesome weekend.

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  1. awesome weekend! Sounds like tons of fun and am proud you gave it another go and made the wakeboarding work. Exhausting! Love you xoxo