Apr 5, 2011

No Air

This past weekend when I was "going to Broken Hill," I was actually on a train to Sydney to suprise M. R let me into the apartment when I arrived, and then M called me, while I was sitting in his bed putting on makeup, and told me he was coming home, so I had to make this giant lie about being on the bus on the way to Broken Hill, but everyone had gotten off the bus for food so thats why there was no noise in the background. Either way it was a giant tangled web of lies and there's no way I'd have been able to keep up with it. So a few hours later he walks in the front door, drops his bag and just stares at me trying to figure out how I must have gotten there. But I think he was pretty happy, we had a wonderful weekend together, just what I needed. We mostly just hung out and watched movies, making cocktails and food (well he cooked ... meal #1: rack of lamb with roast potatoes and gravy and steamed veg). We went to the grocery store, took a couple walks, went to the bar, played pool, played karaoke and just goofed off. He's perfect :)
This week back in res was slightly hell for me, I had an essay that I wrote in one hour, had an adventure in the library trying to find a computer and figure out how to print stuff. Ugh such a mess! Then my insurance messed up so I had to buy more, my $10 worth of printer credits don't work but I can't get the money back, and I can't get a parking pass for M and I for next week.
So Thursday night I'm off, back to Sydney, Saturday is Family Day so M is taking me out on the ship. I'm excited but slightly nervous to meet all his friends and boss and everyone, but it will be cool seeing what he does :) He even told me if I'm good he'll let me put on his fireman suit :) Woohoo. Then we're living in this tiny room for the week while I'm in classes, and driving the Great Ocean Road and camping during the weekend. Should be perfect.
Then it really is cram time, I have tons of major essays due, a trip to Fiji in a couple weeks, and have to make my summer decision about if I'm leaving after school, and not seeing M again until December, or if I'm staying the whole summer, and therefore have to look for a job in Sydney and start making some friends. I want to decide this before M leaves for a 10-week tour at sea at the end of May, because it could be the last time I see him for a very long time.

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