Apr 17, 2011

Anything But Mine

Friday morning M and I got up at 7 and packed the car, hit the grocery store for some man food (meat) and an eski, and began our drive down to Sorrento. We stopped in Sorrento and walked around the beach, saw a beautiful old bar that M used to drink at with his father when he worked at the base down there. The ferry over to Queenscliff was cool, we walked around and saw a group of dolphins jumping right beside the ferry, and swimming around in front of us. My first dolphin sighting! Very cool.
When we got to the other side the Great Ocean Road began, we drove through the countryside for a good long while and it was completely gorgeous. The speed limit on the road is 80, some people go faster than that, locals I'd assume (and us of course), but because we're driving along the side of cliffs for a lot of the time, the speed limit in some places are 30 and 40 km/hr. It was pretty scary going so fast around the sharp bends and passing other cars, but we were definitely not the fastest drivers on the road, the locals with trucks would zip around like maniacs, overtaking like 3 or 4 cars at a time, which was crazy because it's just two lanes, and a lot of the time it's dangerous to pass because there's a turn in front and you can't see any of the vehicles coming ahead. But it was so fun and M is an amazing driver so I never felt unsafe. Except when some Asian tourists were going wayyyy too slow and everyone started getting crammed up and angry and trying to pass and it was chaotic!
We pulled over every 20 minutes or so, at scenic lookouts on the side of the road, we saw so many incredible beaches, views of the ocean, crazy mountainsides and farms full of sheep and cows. We also saw the most adorable little sea-side homes, as well as modern mansions, like one that was all glass, up on a pillar about 100 feet above the road. Insane!! But wow what a view they all had!
By about 4 or 5pm we arrived at Skenes Creek campsite, a little camping ground with about 20 or 30 sites, right on the beach in Apollo Bay. We set up our tent, sleeping bags, mattresses, lawn chairs and made a sangria in less than a half hour. Pretty pro :) Especially since the guys beside us took over an hour to set up two tents. Cute.
That evening we had BBQ, it was great, M is a wonderful chef :) We had steak, snags, and grilled tomatoes and onion, delicious!! Then we drank some sangria, and jack and coke, and went to bed by 8pm. And I had the best sleep I've had in weeks and weeks. It was so warm in our tent and so cold outside, and I fell asleep on M's chest, with the sound of the waves coming up on the beach outside, and other people's campfires crackling. Beautiful

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