Apr 18, 2011

Free As A Bird

So here's my first outfit post in like months! I've been so narcissistic publishing my entire personal life on the internet that I totally forgot to include all the wonderful things I prance around in.
So these jeans were given to me from F, they are Bubblegum, the mocassins are Minnetonka's and were $70 I beleive, the green khaki button down is from Sportsgirl ($80), then I've got my Seiko watch, boyfriend's dog tags, and ombre fringe earrings from Lovina ($13).
Also, look at the brekkie I made! Bf fed me grilled tomatoes and I totally fell in love, so I made a toastie with multigrain bread, a friend egg, vintage cheddar cheese, fresh basil from the garden in my courtyard, grilled tomato, and sliced avocado. Such a lovely meal!

1 comment:

  1. Have I told you lately you are gorgeous????