Apr 17, 2011

Aint Going Down Till The Sun Comes Up

Last weekend I took the train up to Sydney to go to work with M. The Navy was having Family Day, so I came up, we went to HMAS Sydney bright and early Saturday morning and spent the whole day on the ship. We saw many very cool things, most of which I couldn't name to save my life, but there were some big missiles, the flight deck where helo's are landed, and the place where the captain steers the ship. We had to run all around the ship, up and down a couple floors, through these little circular holes in the floor and down a steep ladder. It was terrifying and is a miracle that I didn't break my neck falling down them! Matt took me to the canteen that he runs, and it was pretty cool, they mostly sell smokes and Shapes. And HMAS Sydney lighters. Cool shit, and the girls who work for him were very nice and it was also cool to meet his boss. When we were on the flight deck we watched some of the sailors demonstrate their gun skills, they shot a whole bunch of guns and sniper rifles and stuff. Very intense and also v. loud, everyone wore ear plugs. Then we had a lovely BBQ and hung out, walked around the ship, saw all the different room like the Ops Room, which had a skull on the door, was all dark inside and had radars and torpedos and stuff!
But it wasn't all destroyer/war ship stuff, we sailed past the Sydney Harbour and into the ocean which was absolutely gorgeous, and the ship did a series of manouvers, like leaning over from side to side and stopping really quickly, besides being afraid for my life it was pretty cool.
We got back to dry land by about 4 or 5 in the afternoon, and M had to work the night so I cabbed back to the apartment, watched The Sopranos with R until he had to go to work, and made pasta and meatballs. Nom nom.
Then boy came home in the morning and we hung out all weekend, and packed for our road trip from Sydney to Melbourne! It took over 9 hours, but I had to pee every 5 seconds and we also stopped for petrol, Maccas and to see a giant submarine in Holbrooke. All in all it was a nice drive, took a while, but fun to be stuck with M in a car for that long, just joking around and smoking and singing bad country songs. Very sweet.

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