Apr 22, 2011

When The Rich Wage War It's The Poor Who Die

Ohhhh Australian Navy you dirty bastard. M got a surprise deployment, leaving sooner, and staying longer. So this changes some of our plans, I mean it's not a big deal, it just sucks because I knew that his job is very unpredictable, and he told me how quickly things can change, I just didn't think it would happen to us, I thought that was other people. So according to the new plan, I have one visit left with him. I emailed my prof's and told them the situation and 2/4 have replied so far and told me that I can have extensions, they won't mark me down for missing classes, and to take all the time I need. Very sweet of them, so I'm going up to Sydney and spending the whole week at the apartment, M will be working every day but at least he gets home pretty early in the arvo so we can still do fun stuff in the evenings and everything. And R will be home, so that's always fun, he's introduced me to this show called The Sopranos, it's gross but totally addicting. And there's always whiskey hanging around :)
And in other news, I LEAVE IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!! And haven't packed a damn single thing! Ohhh Fiji here I come, I know I'm not enthusiastic about it, but I think it's just nerves, travelling alone is nerve-wracking, I mean I know I've done this alone but at least I had L with my for a lot of the backpacking stuff. I'm just worried about making friends in the hostel. Although it's Spring Break so hopefully there are other people there who want to do activities and drink kava :) And if not, spending my days lying on the beach, reading books and magazines, painting my toe nails, drinking rum and coke, and doing some solo kayaking and snorkelling doesn't sound like the end of the world. I also want to get a massage, apparently they have a great masseuse at the hotel, who does it for $20 FDJ, which is like 10 bucks in our money. Check please! If it's good who knows, maybe I'll get one every day! Oh life can be so hard :)
But yeah, either way, if I make friends fantastic, I'll have people to party with, and maybe someone will want to hop in a kayak with me, and if not then I can jam out on my own and do some soul-searching. Also, the dude at the hostel apparently has a paddle-board and let's people use it after he teaches them how. Sounds great :) And I'd like to find some more surfing lessons!!
Well now I'm excited, this will be fun, and a nice way to relax from the stress of school, changing plans and uncertainty (we control freaks don't deal with sudden change well, at least for me it kind of throws me off my game) but I'm trying to learn how to roll with it and just keep on truckin.
(Pics are totally random, Kayaking with a friend in Curacao, Hotel room in Curacao, Byron Bay beach in Aus)

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  1. Well, the whole plan was to travel alone, so if you came home, from the other side of the world and had never done anything on your own, you would still have that to cross off the bucket list. This way you will know that YOU CAN DO IT! (...all night long... oh sorry, that's too me having watched too many Adam Sandler movies!) Fiji will be your time. And we all want to hear ALL about it. Have awesome fun in the sun!