May 3, 2011

Under my Thumb

So I'm back in Melbourne from my Fiji trip! It was really cool! I spent my first night getting very drunk with Fijian locals around a bonfire on the beach, and spent the next day hating the humidity and heat with my awful hangover. Then I had lunch with a friend A, and he ordered fish and chips and so began my demise! I've never had real "fish n chips" before, so I tried some of A's and it was amazing! Really fresh fish, local Mahimahi, beer battered and served with chips, ketchup, tartar sauce and limes! So delicious but soooo unhealthy. I ended up eating it 7 times .. I was only in Fiji for 8 days, you do the math. But to be fair it was the best thing on the lunch menu, and dinners were so awful I ended up asking if they could pretty please just make me a toastie instead of a $20 giant bowl of mish-mashed pasta with a chunk of melted cheese on top. Yucky.
Days were spent lounging by the beach, under coconut trees, in hammocks, on the bamboo swing, on the grass overlooking the beach. I went kayaking in the lagoon, comandeered an abandoned bamboo raft, swam in the pool and took a day trip to Suva, the capital of Fiji. Evenings were spent having dinner with the assorted come and go crew of couples visiting Beachouse, then we'd play "Killa Pool" or Kings Cup and make endless trips to the bar.
I also got a Fijian massage one day! It was $20 for an hour and the woman lubed me up with coconut oil, half naked except for bottoms, on this burre looking onto the beach and had her way with me! She was very thorough, it was nice though! And I smelled amazing for the next 24 hours.
On the couple days that it rained I began drinking at brekkie, ordering iced coffees and adding my personal stash of rum or whiskey to it. Then we made coconut bracelets (you take a smashed peice of glass and scrape the hair off the coconut, saw off either side, then spend hours sanding it until smooth.)
The last day I got peeping tom'd which was nasty and pervy and made me feel quite disgusted and ready to leave. But all in all it was a great trip, I'd love to go back to Fiji with a whole lot more money and a partner in order to take advantage of all the activities and things that I wouldn't want to do alone.
Flight home sucked, but K and F picked me up from the airport which was awesome, I missed them like crazy. We went to Maccas on the way home - typical us, idk how those girls are so thin with all the Maccas they eat .. I sniff it and gain 2 kilo's,
Last night I found out I failed another essay (this is the second one in two weeks) and don't have a great chance of passing finals. This was depressing, but I'm trying to buck up my act and go to all my classes (Except next week...) and bring my laptop to take notes, and I'm meeting with my bioethics tutor this morning to discuss if there's anything I can do to improve my final essay ... which I conveniently haven't started writing yet. Fuck.
Also have exciting news!!! News that I have only told 3 people and they were all very excited and their reactions made me so happy. But I can't tell because I'm keeping it a secret from certain people, for a couple more weeks at least :)
Last night W and I made bruschetta (well I watched), and tea and hung out and swapped travel stories. Damn I missed that girl while I was gone, she always knows just how to make me feel better.
Now I'm just doing school work, thinking about starting the million loads of laundry I have to do from Fiji, and thinking about things to bring to M's house next week, since I won't have room to bring it all on my last trip there before I fly home.
Speaking of M, I'm so excited to see him next week, but I also don't want to because it means it's the last time for a very long time. I've never been in a relationship that I've actually missed the guy, I'm usually quite happy for them to eff off and leave me with my biddies, but he makes my world spin. It's going to be so hard not seeing him. Boo.
Anyways, so yes, school, exams, boyfriend .. I'm stressing hard about this. But I'll try not to because there's no use. If I fail school I do an extra semester, and deal with it, ugh.

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  1. Do I know this secret already? I don't like secrets!!!!!!!!!!!!