May 25, 2011

Bad Habits

Just had such a good night out with the girls. F, A and I went to Taco Bill's for giant margaritas and Mexican munchies. I bussed there and the bus driver got lost and missed my stop, so he decided to drive me all the way back, and then this lovely guy who was on the bus with me ended up walking me right to the door of Taco Bill's. He just said that it was too dark to walk alone. So nice of him, I really love the Aussie way, everyone here is so friendly and kind.
So I got to TB's a bit late (sorry guys) and the ladies and I had a bit of a laugh before we got down to the dirty. I was going to be good and get a taco salad or something, since I didn't want to ruin all my hard work at the gym, but that sure went to hell and I ended up having a giant fishbowl mango margarita, an enormous plate of nachos (both of which we shared) and a vegetarian burrito! My god it was so filling, but we ended up getting 25% off our bill because A is amazing and cuts coupons :)
Then I caught a cab home because I missed the last bus, so it was a bit of a pricey excursion but so worth it because it was totally fun.
But I swear I will gym it tomorrow morning right away to make up for tonight :)

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