May 22, 2011

Edina and Pats

For some reason the second I hear the intro to Ab Fab my lips start puckering for a cigarette, mouth starts watering for martini's and I can almost smell excessive amounts of hair spray and Chanel no. 5 mixed in with indecency and immorality. God I love this show, it quite literally is the best/funniest show in the world.
In other news, being a Navy girlfriend has it's downsides :( Had a skype date with the boy today and it didn't go through. He told me that the internet might no cooperate or something might come up but it still sucks. Especially since I put on my fancy lip gloss for him.
Oh well, emails it is for now I suppose.
In other news, exam tomorrow (boo), Taco Bills with W, F and A on Wednesday (fishbowl margarita's yay!), and the Espy with K and S on Friday night (yay). I am super excited, should be a great week :)

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