May 29, 2011

I Don't Know

Exam in an hour. Then I'll have 2 classes down and 2 to go.
M got to Samoa yesterday, should be getting a phone call this afternoon :) Very excited for it.
Also sick, halls fever is in full swing, everyone's sick and making everyone else sick and in a cycle of sickness. It's gross.
And Sunday Night Supper in halls, which is usually a big get together with junk-food like crisps, Tim-Tams, and party pies have turned into Twice a Week Toast and Coffee meetings, where we all gather, carb-load, chug down some coffee to further overcaffeinate ourselves, and bitch about how many exams we are/how much they suck.
But hopefully I get my last exam as a take-home and finish it early enough in time to be able to pack without freaking out, divvy up all the crap I'm not taking home, and explore Melbourne a little bit more before I leave.
I still have a list of things to see such as an AFL game, the Royal Botanical Gardens, go shopping on Chapel Street, and do some sort of vineyard tour in the Yarra Valley.
Can you see my new earrings in this pic? They are little green, gold and brown feathers. So cute :)

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