May 4, 2011

All The Lonely People

I failed another essay, with 49% again ... this is so unfair. Give me that extra one percent, one fucking percent! I'm an exchange student, we all know I don't give a crap. I really assumed that if I wrote the correct word count, used the correct amount of references, cited properly and vaguely wrote on the right subject/topic/theme - that should at least score me a 50%...
Obviously not. That and Aussie profs mark stupidly hard! If I got an 85% on an essay at home, it would probably be about a 60% here, no kidding. It is absolutely ridiculous. They say they never give out higher than an 8%, because something that would be a grade of 85% would be on par for submission to an academic journal .. wtf? At Carleton you won't even get close to getting in a journal as an undergrad. And maybe if no one ever gets higher than an 85%, then maybe your stadards are too damn high! Shouldn't the best paper in the whole class get close to 100%? Maybe it's a bit of an unrealistic expectation if it's so completely unattainable!
Ugh, I'm stressing, Two failed essays, three BIG essays due next week, and getting another essay back in my tut today .. in an hour and a half. I'm very nervous.


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  2. just posted it twice! I guess you are 200%. Muah xoxox

  3. what a suprise, josh is too much of a pussy to write his own name.