May 21, 2011

Officially Missing You

M sailed yesterday. 10 am. We called and skyped before he left. So hard to hang up and know that my next phone call from him could be weeks away. We are going to email and stuff but I miss his voice. Has been especially hard because this weekend has been lame, no one and nothing to do to distract my from missing him.
Although I had a fun adventure in the city with A, we went to the Immigration Museum then just walked around and chilled. And later this week I'm going to this Mexican place called Taco Bills, with these two girls, A and F who I met from one of my classes, they are such genuine sweethearts, and W is coming too obvi. Then Friday K and I are going to the Espy which is supposed to be a really cool old house that they converted into a bar and bands play all the time.
Should be great.

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