May 24, 2011

On The Turning Away

As a twenty-year old I find it astonishing that some of the most immature people I know are "adults", sometimes twice my age and you'd assume with twice the life experience. Yet they still take part in gossip, exclusion, cliques and generally just being mean and picking on others. It's really a shame, especially when these are the same people I once viewed as friendly and genuine. Not that I'm perfect or that anyone can be, but I just thought that with age comes maturity and responsibility taken for the feelings of others around you and for friends and valued relationships. Obviously not in everyone's case.
Oh well, this honestly just makes me so thankful that I am surrounded by the most amazing family and friends who have become sisters. I hope I make it clear how highly I think of you all and how much I try to learn from you. I'm pretty sure I bore all my other friends with stories of how funny and sweet and interesting and just totally awesome you all are. Cool motherfuckers :)
Also I miss everyone so much, especially Norton haha, my little puppy dog ookums shnookums mushy mooshoo smooshy poo...
I've had such an incredible time here in Australia and have been blessed to meet some of the most incredible people ever. It's amazing when you get to meet real life people who you look up to and who you want to be like. Certain people I have met during my travels have taught me so much about generosity, kindness, being genuine, and responsibility, all by example. I hope I get a chance to run into some of them again someday, maybe in some other crazy part of the world.
Speaking of other parts of the world, I'm really thinking about doing some sort of teach English overseas program next year. I'd really love to see Southeast Asia that way, or even Europe. I'll need to look into it but I think it would be a totally interesting way to see a new country, and maybe stack some bills in the meantime.
But right now all my thoughts are consumed with home. Oh how excited I am to be able to call or text any of my friends at any time, pop over to their houses whenever, call and meet at a Timmies in 15 minutes flat. I'll be SO excited to see a dishwashing machine again, I completely forget what they look like, and to use a laundry machine that doesn't turn everything grey. Also to drive, oh how I long to drive. I miss it so much, although we'll see how easy it is to go back to being on the "wrong" side of the road again.
I'm even excited to go back to work again, I am so lucky to have such a relaxed and friendly work environment, and everyone I work with is very young and we all get along which is great. I wonder if we have any new staff in the office this year, or if the set-up has changed.
But mostly I am just excited to come home and get school finished as soon as possible. I have always loved uni, and have had some really great classes, but I would really like to do some fieldwork or maybe co-op to get some hands on time in the fields that I'm interested in. Oh we shall see what the future holds!

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