May 23, 2011

Heart of Gold

Gymmed again this morning. Only managed a half hour of cardio and a bit of legs. Oh well, at least I did it. Then I came home, showered my sweaty piggy self and had some brekkie. Napped for a half hour, woke up and skyped then went to my exam. Pretty sure I passed it, I mean it's pretty friggin difficult to write an entire essay in one hour. But we shall see.
Bailing on bio-ethics, came home and had another nap then ate the most random lunch, leftovers will do that to a girl. Also watched Marley and Me. Shouldn't watch it anymore, made me cry so hard and all I want is to snuggle my puppy. God I can't wait to get home.
Also kind of bummed today, no emails or phone calls from M. Guess there's no internet in the great big blue today, but I miss him. Boo.
Making enchiladas tonight and jamming with my friend D, pretty excited for that, should be fun to cook a real meal! And at some point I swear I will write this essay I've got due in a week. Eugh, just cbf.
I want Tiffany's blue, fake nails, a Chi, new sunnies and some MILK for my tea. Necessary. Asap...

"I like to crack jokes now and again, but it's only because I struggle with math." - Tina Fey

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