May 18, 2011

Ice Cream Paint Job

So in an attempt to a) procrastinate the numerous essays I need to be writing and exams I should have started studying for weeks ago, b) distract myself from missing my man, and c) get away from the depressing girl drama that has surrounded me, I have gone on some seriously intense shopping sprees, and also decided to dye my hair strawberry blonde.
So here's my haul:
Pink knit sweater ($35 Valleygirl), black hooded sweater ($15 Valleygirl), Pink chain and chiffon necklace ($5 Diva), feather earrings ($3 Diva), pink and gold drop earrings ($3 Dive), pink and black scarf ($25 Sportsgirl), Nordic blonde Toner ($8 Hair Warehouse), VD Hair straightener ($30 some electronic store), Plum Pout covergirl lipstain ($18), eye shadow highlighter (Rimmel $11).
Oh yes, new hair straightener because my beloved Chi died. Still so very upset about it.
Other haul: khaki baggy trousers ($20 Valleygirl), Grey striped tank ($20 Jetty Surf), cream tank top ($60 Bardot). And the beige and brown purse that keeps sneaking into my pictures is from F.
Ugh so yes, successful shopping. Also I had to return this coat, I bought it from Jetty Surf for $120, because it's so boho and cute and the sales girl said it was really warm, but I brought it home and it is not warm enough for this damn Melbourne weather. Ugh. So I returned it and bought those two sweaters instead, they both cover my ass so hopefully they will be enough to wear under my pleather bomber jacket to get me through the next month of freeeeeezing Melbourne winter.

1 comment:

  1. very sad to see the coat go back. It had serious fashion potential. But it also had a purpose, which was to keep you warm, so you made the right choice. Sigh.