May 30, 2011

I'm Yours

Watching the Aussie show "In their footsteps" the Kokoda episode, just finished the Gallipoli one. It's so touching and sad. One day I'd like to walk the Kokoda track, or at any rate see Papua New Guinea, it's always been on my list, I think it would be amazing. Watching these shows, and writing my final exam today on Australian war history and Aboriginal relations has made me really curious to learn more about my own Canadian history.

Other places on my list of spots to visit in the next couple years:
Road trip across Canada, do some hiking, canoe-ing, camping, see music festivals and visit friends.
Thailand, hopefully volunteer at Elephant Nature Park for a period of time and go to a full moon party.
Laos to ride the tubing river bars and cure my hangover with the world famous street smoothies that my other backpacker friends have ranted and raved about.
Eat and drink my way through the Mediterranean, pizza, pasta, seafood and olives!
The world is just so amazing, I can't wait to explore more of it.


  1. Sounds awesome - can I come along?

  2. Obvi!!! I'm not going to Europe without you <3

  3. Hi there,

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