May 27, 2011

St. Kilda

Well I bleached the shit out of my hair :) Was feeling like a bit of a crazy change, it's pretty neon yellow but it's kind of growing on me, think I'll get a toner today and tone it down a little bit, maybe add a bit of ashiness so I don't stick out so much.
God last night was such a blast! K had been telling me about the Espy for weeks and we finally got a big crew together and went last night. We Maxi Taxi'd there which was $65! Insane, but there were 12 of us so it was relatively cheap. The Espy is just the coolest, there are a bunch of different rooms with different bands, we saw 2 reggae bands, 2 metal bands, and a really great hip hop group with an amazing sax player. Also the lead singer of said hip hop band was drinking tea on stage. How rock n roll is that!!
Then we went down to the basement and got $5 pizza's, which were sooo delicious. After a bit more partying at about 3am we decided to take a walk out on the pier to go see the penguins that come in and hang out on the rocks. They were so adorable but we only saw about 5 and could hear tons of them hiding in the rocks making these awful grumbly noises, still very adorable though.
All in all I am sooo impressed with the Espy and cannot wait to go back, it's totally happening next weekend. The bands were great, the venue was so cool and the people were lovely.
Then too top it off, when we got home at 4am my sailor skyped me!! It was so great since we haven't been able to get skype to work lately, what a surprise :) Made my night, to be able to hear his voice.
Then this morning I got scary news! Need to pick an advisor and a thesis soon! Ahh, so scary! I'm sooo clueless, haven't the faintest idea of what to do. We shall see.

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